Don’t Let a Filthy Office Harm Your Employees’ Health

Shared workplaceWorkplace cleanliness plays a big role in the lives of employees and employers. Billions of dollars go to waste due to poor office hygiene, with nearly half of these losses resulting from lost income. Only a few people are aware of this, but filthy work environments are to blame for many cases of sick days. 

Poor hygiene at the workplace doesn’t just make organizations lose a lot of money; their neglect seriously go against the employer responsibilities set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. But perhaps the biggest impact of this negligence is endangering the safety and health of workers.

Building maintenance: Key to a safe and productive workplace

As part of your responsibilities as an employer, you should invest in comprehensive janitorial services in Utah for your building maintenance policy. Professional cleaners have the knowledge, tools, and experience to ensure that every corner of the office remains free of health and safety hazards.

Through these professionals, you can stay compliant with the OSHA Standards. You can also make your employees love their job more. No one wants to stay for a long time in a filthy workplace, so giving your team members a clean, sanitary, and clutter-free work environment will make them more productive, as well as physically and emotionally healthy.

Quality of air in a filthy office: Likely worse than outdoor air

Many people turn to what they believe is the “safety” of being indoors, as they know outside air contains pollutants. While it is true that one of the biggest global problems today is air pollution, this doesn’t mean that the quality of air within a workplace is better and safer. In fact, it can actually be worse and more dangerous. This is particularly true for ill-maintained work environments, which can have air quality worse than what’s outside.

Maintaining a clean and healthy work environment is good for your employees and your business. A janitorial company can help you achieve this goal.