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CODA Review 2011: Craft Artists, Income and the US Economy

CODA is pleased to announce the publication of The CODA Review 2011:  Craft Artists, Income and the U.S. Economy.  This review highlights the economic impact of craft artists who sell what they create.

This report shows the significant economic impact of craft artists and the importance of supporting makers as part of efforts to enrich cultural lives and grow the economy. Unlike many job classifications, craft artists are mainly part-time workers and their economic activity is not often tracked by government statistics.

The 2009 data is updated from the last 2001 survey. Highlights of the new study included that 50 million Americans make artisan crafts and spend $20 billion on supplies. Also, 30-50,000 Americans sold artisans crafts for their main income, making $1-$2 billion in sales. Since craft statistics are not generally studied in higher learning institutions in any comprehensive manner, the CODA study packages powerful information. This study is a vital tool for organizations and policy makers to advocate on behalf of the craft field.



View the report: CODA Review 2011:  Craft Artists, Income and the US Economy


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