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In April 2001, the CRAFT ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION released the CODA Survey:  The Impact of Crafts on the National Economy a landmark study providing a much-needed tool for craftspeople, craft organizations, and businesses, at a time when many state departments of heritage, tourism and economic development are recognizing the potential in supporting craft-related programs.  Crafts can be a major travel attraction that generates cultural tourism and overall community/economic development.  These statistics will aid in creating partnerships with state and local agencies to promote strategies encouraging growth and development of this important sector of home-based businesses. 

The most challenging component of this research study was to estimate how many craft professionals are working in the U.S.  No ones knows how big the “crafts universe” really is, making this first study of crafts even more significant.  Over 100,000 surveys were distributed by craft organizations and publications in the spring of 2000 to craftspeople that earn all or part of their living from the sale of handmade crafts.  Every effort was made to ensure that every working craftsperson was aware of the study, and encouraged to fill out the survey.  8,342 surveys were returned, yielding a 7% response rate of useable survey’s.  This is a large sample size and is more than adequate to provide valid and reliable estimates on the U.S. craft population.  We hope that this first effort will lead to further research. 

This study did not try to estimate a “multiplier” effect of how craft sales and other related expenditures ripple and flow through the economy.  This accepted research technique would have increased the economic impact figures many times.  Many areas of the craft industry are not addressed in this first study; CODA decided to begin by concentrating on the most basic element, individual craftspeople.  The direct economic impact of this study is based on the average annual gross sales/revenue generated by professional craftspeople in the United States. 

The full 70-page report containing the study background, purpose, research questions, methodology findings, conclusions, further research recommendations, references, research linkages, tables (including income comparisons for all 50 states), different sortings of the data and etc. is available by hard copy only, for $25 ($15 for CODA members). 

The Executive Summary is available on this website under the Survey tab on the drop-down menu click on  "National Summary" (for Survey statistics and tables). 

We also have breakout studies for Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia available on this website under the Survey tab drop-down menu, click on the state you want. 

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The CODA study contained only 48 responses from West Virginia.  Leaders in the crafts field in West Virginia realized that this sample size was too small to yield valid data for their state, so they worked together with the Small Business Development Division of the West Virginia Development Office to conduct an update to determine the full economic impact of craftspeople on the state of West Virginia, using the CODA Survey as a model. 
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An evaluation of the 2000 Economic Impact of the Kentucky Crafts Industry, commissioned by the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program is based in part on the data from the Kentucky breakout study of the CODA Survey, and another study done earlier in Kentucky that contained information on the Kentucky Crafts Industry not available to the researchers doing the CODA study.  This is an informative and interesting analysis, and is available for $25. 

Both studies are being offered free to CODA Members.  CODA Members may contact: for an email copy of these studies.  

Contact CODA if you have any questions, or want to participate in future studies.

Research for the CODA Survey conducted by:   Dr. Dinesh S Dave and Dr. Michael R. Evans
Center for Business Research, John A. Walker College of Business Appalachian State University 


American Craft Museum, Barbara Tober, New York, NY
Craft Emergency Relief Fund, Cornelia Carey, Montpelier, VT
Florida Craftsmen, Inc., Michele Tuegel, St. Petersburg, FL
George Little Management, LLC, Carol Sedestrom Ross, S. Lake Tahoe, CA
and Mary Strope, White Plains, NY
Illinois Artisans Program, Ellen Gantner, Chicago, IL
Maine Cultural Alliance, Carolyn Hecker, Deer Isle, MA
Ohio Designer Craftsmen, Hal Stevens, Columbus, OH
Southern Highland Craft Guild, Ruth Summers and Andrew Glasgow, Asheville, NC
Tennessee Association of Craft Artists, Alice Merritt, Nashville, TN
HandMade In America – Managed Survey Project - Rebecca Anderson, Asheville NC


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