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Public/Governmental Agencies

  What are our biggest challenges?

Shift from traditional workforces to individuals/how to shift time spent from a governmental agency point of view/changing workforce attitude.

Education of citizens about arts as an   
      economic development tool.

      Directions of community are being planned without someone as an expert in that field being included.

            Re-inventing the wheel almost monthly.  

Fragmentation of county government organization. 

Arts component not seen as a viable economic generator. 

Figuring out what the constituency needs and then how to “plug” them in without re-inventing the wheel. 

Too much area/not enough time. 



Government sometimes viewed as the problem. 

Duplication of services. 

Funders are making it much more difficult to get money into the smaller areas looking at larger projects (broad not deep). 

Grantees not properly documenting or marketing for the arts.

How do we affect government and government policy?

Kentucky mentioned long range planning and policy council.  Kentucky Arts is trying to gear towards the needs and perception of Kentuckians.  Linking the arts to things like safety and healthy communities, access to health care.  Framing the case in what matters to your constituents. 

PA has decentralized a lot of their partners and are working more cooperatively.  They also give awards to legislators and the award is a student piece of art where the student presents it. 

Balancing the argument between quality of life and the economies of art and/or craft. 

PA working on changing the semantics of art, especially as they talk to legislators. 

The need to make sure that “politics” or the political party system does not impede the mission of your agency or organization.


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