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2006 CODA Conference
Create Value/Provoke Change: The Future of Craft
Portland, Oregon - Friday, June 2

Opening Keynote

Dennis Stevens – "Redefining Craft for a New Generation" 
Ceramics and Glass Technician in the
School of Art and Design, San Jose State University

Dennis Stevens’ research and writings engage the hybrid intersections of art, craft and design while analyzing the triumphs and challenges of craft object makers in their efforts for validation in the art world.  As a critic, former object maker gallery owner, Stevens interprets contemporary art and craft practice with an interdisciplinary perspective and eye toward the future. 

The complete PowerPoint presentation of his keynote is available with a complete audio recording at: http://www.redefiningcraft.com/wp-content/coda2006/player.html

The recent 2006 Craft Organization Development Association (CODA) conference in Portland, Oregon had approximately 100 participants from 27 states and 2 Canadian provinces, an amazingly diverse group of representatives of guilds, craft schools and universities, museums, galleries,  fairs/shows, economic development, government and state arts agencies, as well as student volunteers.George Little Management, LLC; Western Exhibitors, LLC; The CraftsReport; American Craft Council; Bullseye Glass

Each year CODA holds an annual conference in a different location providing an opportunity to network with peers, learning about national trends and issues, and to experience local craft/art projects and venues as well as hearing from national speakers. Highlights of this year’s conference were the reception at Bullseye Glass Gallery, a tour of the Oregon College of Art and Craft, the keynote address “Redefining Craft” by Dennis Stevens, the sessions on branding, the need for critical writing and the ever popular “Three Minutes of Fame”. This participant presented PowerPoint presentation provides a special opportunity for conference attendees to benefit from one of the most important aspects of the CODA Conference--learning and sharing with your colleagues in the craft field about the newest and most innovative programs or activities of their organizations.  

The theme of this year’s conference was, “Create Value/Provoke Change: The Future of Craft,” and the focus was how to elevate and define craft in the eyes of the public. The conference opened with a keynote presentation by Dennis Stevens, a 30-something MA student and ceramics/glass technician (School of Art and Design, San Jose State University), “Redefining Craft for a New Generation,” an analysis of the historical relationship of Art, Craft and Design, how they were defined in the Modern Era, and how those relationships and definitions are changing with the intertwining and hybridization that is occurring as the Postmodern Era begins. He also highlighted his perceptions of the differences between the generations and how those differences show up in attitudes toward the buying, collecting, making and perceived purpose of craft. His talk served as a clarion call to the older crafts community, generated much discussion, and formed the framework for the rest of the conference discussions. This and other speakers slide presentations as well as notes from all the sessions are available on-line on the CODA website: http://www.redefiningcraft.com/wp-content/coda2006/player.html

THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS, HOST ORGANIZATIONS AND THEIR STAFF FOR ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL CONFERENCE, and thanks to all who participated, making it one of the most provocative.

Hosted by:
Contemporary Crafts Museum & Gallery and Oregon College of Art & Craft

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