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The Special Recognition Award presented to Carol Sedestrom Ross with George Little Management, LLC for long-term dedication to the development of and service to the crafts field, began a new tradition during the annual Craft Organization Development Association conference held In Portland, Oregon, June 2006. Carol’s leadership skills are accompanied by her straight-forwardness, humor, honesty, caring, and ability to bring people together. CODA is among the many organizations and individuals who have benefited from her vast expertise and the support of George Little Management, LLC.  Colvin English accepted the award on behalf of Ms. Ross and George Little Management.  

Carol Sedestrom Ross has been instrumental in the development of craft over the last several decades, and is undoubtedly one the most admired and respected figures in the American and International Craft movement. She has a long and colorful history, often orange for those of you who know her. Working first as a crafter and then as an advocate for better market training and higher profile placement of Craft in our culture, she continues to be an ombudsman for Craft and Craftspeople the world over.   

Carol began her career as a craftsperson negotiating the world of wholesale and retail markets.  There she found a tremendous need for market training for craftspeople and better venues for them to both educate the public and sell their works.  It is at this time she joined the ACC and began to grow and nurture the ACE show in Rhinebeck, NY.  Under Carol’s leadership the show expanded to include venues across the country.  ACC still offers the preeminent Craft Showcase for American Craft Gallery Artists. 

In the early 1990’s, Carol decided to expand her influence and joined with George Little Management, LLC.  GLM is the largest producer of wholesale gift shows in the US.  Carol helped to nurture, define and expand the Handmade Divisions of GLM markets.  These shows offer the best in Craft from the world over to a wholesale market.  Her years working with Craftspeople in all parts of the continent had shown her the problems they face are not unique, and she soon found her expertise was needed far beyond the continental borders.  Carol traveled around the globe spreading the wealth of her knowledge to an ever-expanding group of students, who all enthusiastically welcomed her and her experience.  With her efforts, Handmade has become one of the largest and strongest divisions in GLM. 

After focusing for all these years on the macro side of Crafting and Craft-Marketing, Carol and husband, Adrian have “retired” to Mexico where they have connected with new friends and reconnected with old friends, many of whom share their love and passion for all things Craft.  While she hasn’t slowed down too much, and she continues to travel and lecture on Craft, you will occasionally now find her with knitting needles in hand, and a margarita nearby, chatting with friends under the shade of an ancient bougainvillea.      

CODA will continue the Special Recognition Award next year when the conference will be held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada June 13-17, 2007, to honor an individual whose outstanding service, creative thinking and leadership have had a significant impact on the crafts field.  Each year CODA holds an annual conference in a different location to give participants an opportunity to network with peers learning about national trends and issues, and to experience local craft/art projects and venues as well as hearing from national speakers.  Reports, notes and presentations of this year’s conference including the Keynote address “Redefining Craft” will be available on the CODA website along with more information on future CODA conferences, membership, job announcements, economic impact survey summary and other resources: www.codacraft.org, or contact CODA, P.O. Box 51, Onia, AR 72663, 870-746-5159, info@codacraft.org.


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