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Tim Glotzbach, Dean and Founding Director, Kentucky School of Craft and CODA Chair

Robert Lynch,
President and CEO, Americans for the Arts, 2005 Conference Keynote Speaker

Fran Redmon,
CODA Conference 2005 Chair
Program Director, Kentucky Craft Marketing Program, a division of the Kentucky Arts Council

The CODA conference serves the directors, staff and board members of national craft and related organizations, groups, agencies and businesses through education, professional development and networking opportunities. 

Each year CODA holds an annual conference in a different location providing an opportunity to network with peers, learning about national trends and issues, and to experience local craft/art projects and venues as well as hearing from national speakers.  Each conference host determines a current and relative theme tied to contemporary issues in craft.  Sessions are developed around this theme and local/regional and national speakers and presenters are asked to participate.  The conferences feature interactive panel discussions, professional development workshops and peer networking sessions for the following groups:

Guilds & Membership Organizations Peer Group
Schools & Education Centers/Programs Peer Group
Fairs, Festivals & Shows Peer Group
Exhibition Presenters/Museums/Galleries Peer Group
Service Groups and Public Agencies Peer Group

The CODA Peer Groups are representative organizations and individuals with similar needs and concerns, who join together to facilitate communication, networking and collaborations both during and outside the annual CODA conference.

• Conference Peer Group Sessions are held to allow the groups to share ideas that have come to light through attendance of the various conference presentations.
• One set of peer sessions is held at the beginning of the conference so individuals can connect and network early on. Another set of sessions are held at the end to be sure individuals touch base again and have a chance to discuss future communications.
• Each session will have a specific focus and two CODA Board of Directors members will moderate the peer sessions, posing talking points and giving everyone a chance to speak.

We have added peer group discussion forums to the CODA website to facilitate continuing discussions and networking beyond the conference.

Experiencing the local craft scene is always a highlight of the conferences along with “The Three Minutes of Fame” presentations, giving attendees the opportunity to share and learn about successful projects in the craft field.

Dates and location for future conferences are listed on this website and can be accessed by clicking on the link on the left hand side of this page. 

Follow-up reports on sessions and workshops from past conferences are also available by clicking on the links on the left-hand side of this page. 

Please contact Nathela Chatara, CAE, Administrative Director, CODA,; we will be making a selection in the near future.


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