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SNAG, the association of jewelers, designers, and metalsmiths, has published the second installment of its recommended professional Guidelines on its web site at www.snagmetalsmith.org downloadable pdf files).
          The two new topics are (1) Open Studios: Artist Checklist and a Guide for Organizations Sponsoring an Open Studio Event and (2) Fundraising Auctions: Issues and Checklist from the Artist’s Perspective of the Art Organizations, the Galleries and the Collectors.
The first installment of the Professional guidelines was published two years ago, and adopted by many institutions, encompassing Exhibitions; Model Consignment Agreement; Discounts; claims for Damaged Work; Juried Exhibitions; and an exhaustive bibliography of legal and professional advice.
          “The lack of clear professional guidelines has become more and more of a problem.  These Guidelines advocate certain good practices and discourage others,” said Dana Singer, SNAG Executive Director.  “SNAG remains committed to our original, primary goals: the creation of equitable guidelines for everyone working in the crafts field, and the protection of artists’ rights within that context.  We hope that these suggestions will gradually become standard practice.”
           Additional installments are planned over the next few years and topics will include Museum Acquisitions, Sales Representative contracts, and Fair/Show Applications.
For more information visit the above website or call 630-852-6385.



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