Invasive Garden Insects to Eliminate Thru Pest Control

FliesPests are invasive species that are harmful to humans, other animals, and property. When left to thrive, they may cause disease or costly damage to homes, farms, gardens, and orchards. On a bigger scale, the actions of invasive and destructive pests can threaten the local food supply.

What are some of the destructive insects in your home and garden that may be pets you are unaware?

Fruit flies to get rid of

There is a species of fruit fly – the Oriental fruit fly or Bactrocera dorsalis – that is one of the most invasive pests of all. There are four known and previously thought separate species now classified under this one category. Collectively these flies cost billions of dollars of damage to crops.

If you are maintaining a farm, then it is best to be aware whether you are harboring these insects. Quarantine measures can help in ensuring that despite the presence of these insects in the locality, the target production output of vegetables and fruits are reachable. Prevention is still the key approach.

Should this fly be present on your property, you must avail of help from an Indiana home pest control service such as Yes Pest Pros, Inc.

Beetles to beat

Aphids exist to suck the sap from plant stems causing them to die. Nevertheless, they are not the only destructive creatures in your garden. Do not be deceived by the bright, attractive, rounded bodies of beetles. They may look pretty, but they like hanging out in the backyard as the adult feeds on the leaves.

In the meantime, the larvae feed on the roots of plants. Some of the beetles that chew on leaves and leave a wake of destruction are the flea beetle, the Mexican bean beetle, and the Colorado potato beetle. All these beetles are garden pests.

If you come across one or two that looks exactly like the ones in photos, then call for professional aid immediately.

Insects that feed on your garden plants can cause terrible damage. Stop them early or prevent them from taking hold with professional help.