Study at a Distance with VET

College StudentsWhen you are a college student or an employee, further studies may be challenging to fit into your hectic schedule. On the other hand, when you live in remote or rural areas around Brisbane, you may have difficulty coming over to the city. How do you solve such dilemma? You can study for VET qualifications through online and distance education!

 VET at a Glance

Vocational education and training are an education geared to provide you with skills and knowledge for work in specific trades or industries. High school graduates, university students, job seekers, and employees can all apply for VET. You can study for a diploma, a certificate or any qualification. Study up until Certificate 4 training and assessment to land a high-paying job in your industry of choice.

 Education at a Distance

What’s great about VET is the option to utilise online and distance education. You can study wherever you want and at whatever time of the day. Of course, you can also choose a mix of distance and hands-on training, but some courses will require you to spend time on campus.

 Through Post, E-Mail, or Online Channels

Distance education brings you course materials and assessment tasks by post or e-mail. In contrast, online study uses various online platforms to allow interaction between the instructor and the student, substituting the traditional classroom. Should you choose online study, you can invest in fast, reliable internet to ensure a hassle-free experience.

 Flexible Studies for Rigid Schedules

You can have a flexible study schedule with online and distance education. Students can choose to study during a period convenient for them, such as summer season. You also have the choice to when to begin, pause, resume and end your studies as you please, which can be great for employees.

A VET program may be perfect for you to learn skills and knowledge that can lead to exciting career opportunities. You can turn to a Brisbane-recognised training organisation (RTO) to start your VET studies!