4 Reasons to Switch to e-Cigarettes

Woman smoking the e-cigaretteEvery year, more people in New Zealand are switching to e-cigarettes. But why? Here are some reasons that could explain the shift. EasyPuff and other experts recommend weighing these reasons if you’re planning to buy e-cigarette for the first time.

E-Cigarettes have fewer chemicals

There are thousands of chemicals found in tobacco smoke. These include hundreds of toxins and about 70 of them are carcinogenic. On the other hand, while e-cigarettes still contain chemicals, there are fewer of them.

E-cigarettes are relatively cheaper in the long run

Of course, you need to pay an upfront amount to get the device, but smoking e-cigarettes are a whole lot cheaper in the long run compared to smoking cigarettes. While you need to buy e-liquids for your device, you can budget your cash because you control how much e-liquid you smoke. As you can see how much e-liquid you’re actually consuming, it’s so much easier to budget. Therefore, switching to e-cigarettes can actually save you money.

No more ash, stains, and disgusting cigarette smell

It’s the ash, stain, and stench that put people off about smoking, but those who are hooked can’t seem to quit. Unlike smoking, e-cigarettes produce water vapour that mimics smoking. That means there’s no smoke or fire and no smell, except for the e-liquid flavour. Best of all: No more ashtrays to clean!

Better social interactions

For years, many smokers suffered social consequences because of their addiction. Vaping or smoking e-cigarettes allow them to address their nicotine dependency little by little without the condemnation they get from the general public. In fact, those who have switched to vaping or smoking e-cigarettes have found that these are great conversation starters among those who have made the same choice.

If you’re a long-time smoker, do consider giving vaping a try and see for yourself if it can help you address your nicotine dependency. You’ll find that shops selling electronic cigarette are more like a small community that can offer your tips and support to make that switch.