A Quick Guide to Wedding Dress Shopping for the Overwhelmed Bride

A bride being photographed by a woman photographerSome brides-to-be have planned their dream weddings since they were little girls. From the ceremony to the reception, they have it all planned—especially the dress.

A Dress to Impress

There are women who prefer contemporary shapes and styles rather than frocks with too much fabric. While others opt for vintage inspired dresses with unique details, from beadwork to exquisite patterns. Then there are brides who want pieces that emphasise their curves with cuts and fabric that radiate glamour. And some women want simplicity with details that bring focus to the romance of the whole event.

Clearly, it’s not easy to find the perfect wedding frock. But it’s important to not be overwhelmed when you shop for dresses in Bromley. Just remember the following considerations:

What Do You Like?

Selecting the right dress amid the thousands of options can be tricky. How do you pick a dream dress out of all the dream dresses if you’re uncertain about what you like?

Start by taking cues from the venue, date of the event and the season; this should narrow down your style. Consider your body type when ruling out fabrics and styles. It’s important to choose a dress that flatters your shape. Also, do not hesitate to ask designers or a local dress shop for their input. They can guide you towards a dress that meets your preferences, from style to budget.

Do You Know Your Budget?

Before you have fun trying out dresses, remember your price range. It is better to try dresses that fit your budget than fall in love with one that is too expensive.

When planning your budget, do not just focus on the dress. Other expenses include alterations and accessories: shoes, veil, jewellery, and lingerie. If you purchase a dress overseas, shipping fees will also come into play.

How Comfortable is the Dress?

Do not just choose a dress because of how it looks; some dresses are appealing to look at, but feel a bit awkward to wear. So consider comfort. Keeping up genuine smiles for the photos can be difficult when the bodice feels tight to your chest or prevents you from moving freely. You also want to consider how the dress will allow you to move across the dance floor.

Wedding dresses use delicate and expensive materials, which limit the range of motion. When trying a dress, check your range of motion by raising your arms and walking around in it in the shop. Is the body-hugging dress allowing you to breathe easy? Can you walk without fear of tripping with a long train? Does the silhouette help you move freely?

Answering these queries will lead you to a dress that is beautiful and comfortable.

You deserve to be the most beautiful belle of the ball on your wedding day. Keep these considerations in mind to find the dress of your dreams.