A Wedding Gown to Remember

Bride Fitting Her Wedding DressAs a bride, you know that the search for the perfect wedding dress begins with finding the right bridal shop. So how do you make sure you choose the one before you get tired of hopping from one shop to another?

Best Bromley Wedding Dress Shops

While an English bride will always have an abundance of bridal shops to check out, searching for the right wedding dress shop in Bromley, Kent can be overwhelming. The place, romantic as it is, just has so many bridal stores. Don’t let stress weigh you down. Have your tea and read on to see which wedding dress shop is for you.

Personal customer service

As there is no one-size-fits-all scheme when it comes to bridal attire, there is also no standard or uniform customer service for all brides-to-be as each one has different needs. 

Aside from colour theme and measurements, you need the shop to listen to you when it comes to your little worries. From walking down the aisle to your wedding dance, you should choose a shop that listens to you and dispenses honest and practical advice.

Provides options 

Your choice may all change once you had your fitting. The Sabrina style may appear frumpy, the empire cut dated and the mermaid hem stuffy. If nothing from your original ideas fit, the shop should provide you with other equally ravishing choices.

Extends protection for you and your dress

Check if the shop provides some form of protection or insurance for your wedding gown in the unlikely event of a natural disaster, theft, or the shop closing involuntarily. If there is none, ask for a simple contract that includes downpayment refund, gown replacement or compensation for damage due to negligence.


Not all wedding dress shops are created equal as there will always be the one that understands what you truly need as a bride – class and elegance mix with comfort and confidence. The right shop should be able to deliver something beyond the standard dress and service to ensure your special day stays just that: special.