Beginner’s Guide to Renting

Tenant BuildingSay you’re starting out to establish a new life in a new town. Your best bet is to rent a place that you can afford. At the same time, you’d want your place to be decent enough to live comfortably and with no worries.

Although there are endless rental options presented, choosing a place that suits you is not as easy as it seems. Scoring the best deal out there requires research and planning from you.

Think Long-Term

One of the biggest advantages of leasing is you may easily move in and out once your tenancy expires. This also the very reason why you shouldn’t take it too lightly. While rental properties may be subject to fixed-term tenancy agreement, you’ll be spending a few years,  so might as well be critical about it. Investigate the area and know everything about the neighbourhood. Do you prefer somewhere quiet and peaceful, or socially active?

Consider All Options

While large firms offer a wide range of properties, be sure to check out private and small-time landlords too. This will guarantee that you’re not paying over the odds. Compare the rates from agency A to agency B. You may also list them down for reference.

Negotiate the Price

Whether you’re talking to an agent or a landlord, haggling over the price is helpful. In this kind of transaction, you’re always at the upper hand especially if they show eagerness in renting out the place. You should arrive at an agreement that is favorable for both parties. If you’re having 50-50 thoughts about it, then don’t do it, rather than regret it later on.

Have Everything on Paper

After settling a house for rent or anywhere, you need to have your transactions written. Consult a legal expert to check if there are terms or conditions you’re not fully aware of. If there’s something to clarify, let your future landlord or current agent know about it.

As a future tenant, it is your responsibility to be vigilant and wary about everything. Follow these steps, and you’ll enjoy a hassle-free, safe and happy home living.