Diamond in the Rough: Why Moissanites Sell Better to Millennials

A moissanite ringMillennials are buying fewer diamonds and more moissanites for their milestone rings. They see this jewel as a much affordable option that is just as precious. Also, unlike older consumers, millennials value sentimentality more than prestige. These are some of the reasons that drive the demand for this jewel, which moissanite jewelry shops continue to meet with quality products. If you’re looking to follow the lead of this young market and want to know more about moissanite, here are three things to get you started.

Brilliance and Imperfections

As early as 1995, the cultivation of moissanite had been perfected, a feat that diamond magnates has yet to achieve even to this day. This accomplishment has given moissanite with the least imperfection among cultivated stones. In fact, its imperfection compares to some of the world’s best diamonds. Moissanites are also known for its clarity, brilliance, and “fire,” or its reflective characteristic from clarity and cut. Moissanite actually rate better across these fronts than genuine diamonds.

Style and Value

Unlike diamonds, the styling options for moissanites are almost endless. Its style can range from classic to the more avant-garde.  As the stone itself is much cheaper compared to a diamond, you can spend more on customization and design of the base ring.

Ethical Considerations

Ethical considerations play a great role on why millennials choose moissanite over diamond. Millennials are more conscious of their choices. They avoid products from corporations marred with allegations of unethical sourcing. Moissanite providers, in general, have a clean reputation in this regard, making them the more ethical choice for younger consumers.

With not a few traits of its own, moissanites are more than substitutes for diamonds. It is a top jewel option in itself. Just ask the millennials.