Did Ancient Civilizations Believe in the Power of Crystals?

Collection of Crystals and Other Gem StonesCrystals are increasingly popular these days that people even incorporate it into food. Some restaurants serve food and beverages infused with gems while others make it look like geodes in the form of chocolate.

Most people, however, consider crystals as useful for something beyond home décor and jewelry; they believe these to provide healing powers and have different energies. KarmaAndLuck.com, for example, believes in “spiritual, natural healing stones, that bring warmth, calmness, and serenity to their bearers.”

So what is the source of this belief?

Ancient Egyptians

This civilization was one of the largest and most well-known for their use of healing crystals. They used the solid substance mostly for protection and health. Their kings and queens wore lapis lazuli, a deep-blue metamorphic stone, from head to toe while they buried their dead with quartz and other crystals to guide them to the afterlife.

They also used crystals to ward off evil spirits. Topaz prevented them from having night terrors.

Ancient Greeks

The Ancient Greeks named crystals according to their purpose and sometimes even associated these with gods, as well. They identified quartz with the word “crystal,” which meant “icicles of extraordinary hardness.”

During this period, those who were preparing for battle rubbed hematite, an iron ore that comes in the color of blood, all over their bodies because they believed that this would make them invulnerable. They associated this crystal with Ares, the god of war.

Ancient Romans

Many citizens in Ancient Rome wore crystals as amulets and protective talismans. They believed that these attracted good health, wealth, prosperity, and favorable results during battles.

Ancient China

Jade has been valued for centuries in China. Its people back then believed that the green rock attracted prosperity to whoever wore it as a lucky charm or kept it in their homes.

While there are believers of the power of crystals, skeptics are still around to disprove their claims and others are merely jumping the bandwagon. If you’re curious whether these actually work, there’s only one thing to do: try it and see for yourself.