Facial Treatment: The Secret to Achieving Glowing Skin

Girl with healthy skinDo you feel the need to get rid of long-term acne scars on your face? Perhaps you desire smooth, radiant skin that would suit your fair complexion?

If you want to improve skin smoothness, it is crucial to undergo regular facial treatment in day spas. Regular facials in Tauranga will help you get rid of dark spots in the face caused by previous pimples. It also has a protective effect on your skin by reducing the risk of acne breakout while keeping the skin surface firmer.

Preparations for Facial Treatment

Before you undergo a session of facial treatment, you must avoid intake of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), thrombolytic drugs, and oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) because they promote bleeding risk. Increased bleeding causes unnecessary complications within the procedure because the aesthetician has to adjust the angle and depth of pricking. You must also avoid facial treatments during your menstrual cycle due to decreased scar healing.

Expectations after Facial Treatment

A single facial session produces significant results in improving skin surface. After the facial treatment, you are expected to have redness and mild swelling of the pricked areas of the skin. This often lasts for two to three days post-facial. It is also normal to experience slight pain or discomfort in the treated surface. Increased pore size is likely because your skin has been subjected to steaming, which is a procedure that hastens removal of obscure blackheads and whiteheads.

Frequency of Facial Treatment

Regular follow-up consultation with an aesthetician is important to maintain a healthy skin surface. Depending on the severity of skin lesions, you may be advised to undergo facial treatment every one to two months. For individuals with dry or dehydrated skin, monthly skin facial is recommended to prevent acne breakouts.

The Bottom Line

Facial treatments are safe procedures that aim to strengthen, revitalise, and beautify your skin. Thus, it is essential to visit a day spa that provides the appropriate type of facial for your skin.