Getting Her to Say YES: Tips for a Perfect Proposal

Woman accepting the engagement ringGetting down on one knee and asking the woman of your dreams to spend her whole life with you might look so easy (not to mention romantic) in the movies. But when it comes to executing it in real life, it’s harder than expected.

Breathe in. Breathe out. If other men can do it, so can you. Now that you have found the best engagement ring in the whole of Utah (or wherever you live), it is time to focus on the event itself. Here are some tips to help you have the perfect proposal and make your lady say “yes” without hesitation. 

Talk with Her Folks 

It might seem like a very traditional move, but talking with her parents would not only show respect. Telling them your motivations of marrying their daughter will strengthen your bond with your future in-laws.

Find the Perfect Location 

Location matters. A lot. Some ideas include where you were on your first date, a mountain, a building rooftop, or simply in your backyard. Find a place that is meaningful, romantic, or both. The ambiance and sentimental value of the location can contribute to the overall success of your proposal.

Know What She Wants

Some girls dream of extravagant proposals while others like to keep it simple between just the two of you or with close family and friends around. Know what your girls want and do it. Giving your girl a grand proposal when she is the shy type and wants a private one can ruin the whole thing, and vice-versa.

Have a Backup Plan 

Like with any other day, things can go wrong. Therefore, it is important always to have a backup plan. Think of plans B, C, D, and even an E if needed. Just be prepared for anything, is what we’re saying.

Proposals are exciting and at the same time stressful. But seeing that smile on your (possibly) future wife's face, plus her big "YES," will make it all worth it.