New Mexico Launches Public Advisory for Summer Road Trips

A rollercoaster ride at a theme park New Mexico recently launched a campaign for those who are fond of road trips, especially during the summer season. The state’s tourism department launched the Enchanted 8 campaign to give individuals travel advice on the summer road trip destinations.

Best Routes

As the name suggests, the Enchanted 8 campaign comprises eight locations within New Mexico. The tourism department selected these routes to inject business in rural areas, while encouraging people to travel outside cities at the same time.

The list includes the “True Families” 16-stop trip, which starts from Carlsbad Caverns and ends in Chama. Gourmet lovers will have the chance to receive culinary lessons from world-renowned chefs when they travel along the “True Foodies” road trip. On the other hand, beer aficionados may take the “Ale Trail” route.

People, of course, should not be limited to the routes suggested in the campaign. For instance, if a group is looking to beat the summer heat, they can head over to a water park in Albuquerque to cool off. In other words, they can build a road trip of their own.

Attracting Tourists

Road trips have become a favorite past time among Americans nationwide, according to New Mexico Tourism Secretary Rebecca Latham. An American Automobile Association survey showed that 55% of Americans are likely to go on road trip this year compared to 2016, while 69% plan to do so in the next 12 months.

Latham expects that the Enchanted 8 campaign will not only provide business for rural areas in New Mexico, but also attract tourists from other states. The tourism department has also launched advertising campaigns to raise more awareness on New Mexico’s tourist attractions.

The popularity of road trips in New Mexico has helped boost businesses tied to the tourism sector. If you often travel with your family and would rather stay put in one place, there are other leisure areas in the state that offer various activities for the young and old.