No Man Left Behind: Bachelor Party Survival Tips

Four happy men holding beer mugs enjoying a special night-outThe big night is almost here: your best friend is getting married in a week, and it’s up to you and your friends to show him one last night of fun as a single man. Here are some ways to maximize that fun night, while keeping everyone safe and on-track.


Load up before going out! This might sound like common sense, but a lot of would-be revelers get so caught up with partying that they forget how important dinner can be. Study after study shows that a full meal with high-fat content slows down the absorption of alcohol, which means more time bonding with your bros, and less time passing out in a gutter.


If you’re planning to pregame at home before heading out to your gentleman’s club of choice, always hire a transportation service. Limo Party Buses are a great way to travel in style, without the hassle and dangers of driving drunk. Most Gentleman’s Clubs, like Pacers Showgirls International, offer limo party buses to and from a chosen location to their club, leaving you free to enjoy your night without worrying about assigning a designated driver.


Keeping your location services turned on is a good way to let your friends know where you are in case you get separated. Smartphone apps that track your whereabouts is a good way to make sure no one gets lost (especially not the groom to be!). Just make sure you have enough battery on your phone.

A good party means everyone has a good time, and no one’s left out. But, getting home safely is a really good idea, too. Sending your friend off to live in marital bliss can be an excuse to go all-out, but that doesn’t mean compromising your safety. After all, no one wants to cut the party short just because one of you is passed out or missing.