Planning Your Trip to Sentosa Island: What You Need to Know

Sentosa Surfboard on White SandSentosa offers a multitude of attractions and activities that are sure to keep you busy for a few days. The people over at Sentosa Online Store have listed all the attractions and activities to enjoy while at Sentosa Island. Read on and know how to get there, what to do, and how to get around.

Buying Your Tickets

First of all, to enjoy Sentosa and all it has to offer, you will need tickets. You can avail of Fun Passes good for one or two days. The One-Day Fun Pass allows you to visit multiple attractions in one day. But, if you want to the full experience of Sentosa Island plus a pass into Universal Studios Singapore, the Two-Day Fun Pass is the pass you need.

Getting to Sentosa Island

Now that you have your tickets, you need only to get there. You can drive or take a taxi to the Island, but you'll need to pay gantry admission for each car or taxi that enters Sentosa Island. Another option is the leisure stroll down Sentosa Boardwalk, which is the only garden-themed boardwalk in South-East Asia. The Sentosa Express or other public modes of transportation are also sound options, but the most popular way to get to the Island is via Cable Car. The Cable Car is the perfect option if you want to experience the view of Singapore’s city skyline and harbour.

Getting Around Sentosa

Sentosa Island has a wide variety of attractions. There’s the Merlion, the Sea Aquarium, Trick Eye Museum, Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, and Mega Adventure Park, to name a few. So how do you get to all these attractions? You can take the Sentosa Buses, Sentosa Express and Beach Trams, all for free!

You can spend three days on the Island and still have more to explore. Inform yourself and plan your trip carefully to get the best of Sentosa.