Ready for Your Wedding? Do Not Forget These Must Dos

Groom and bride kissingGetting married is one of the most important events in one's life. So much preparation comes with it, from completing the guest list to creating the invitations to picking the right wedding gown. If you live in beautiful Kent where orchards and country estates ornament the landscape, you can get a good wedding venue that comes with a bridal cottage, like Winters Barns. You can also arrange for musicians to serenade you with your favourite songs throughout the night.

The checklist sometimes seems never to end, and you have to ensure that all bases are covered, but you should not fret and still remember to enjoy the journey. To guide you in your planning, these are the other things you should not forget before you walk down the aisle.

Food for everybody

Aside from your family and guests, remember that you also have to feed the people working hard to make your most memorable day a success. The musicians, florists and photographers, including their assistants, have to be part of your food checklist. Ask how many they are so you can arrange with your caterer the number of meals to be allotted to them.

Wedding favours for your guests

It is a fact that guests love receiving wedding favours, but more than that, these items symbolise gratitude. They can be as simple as glasses, wine stoppers, chocolates or candles. The more unique they are, the more your wedding will stand out. Add a thank you note too to make it more special.

Guestbook for the well-wishers

It is always nice to read positive notes from your guests so do not forget to bring a guestbook complete with a pen. This can be passed around for your guests to leave their well wishes right before the reception. You can either use a traditional writing book or be creative by using customised cards or even wine bottles.