Replenishing the Spirit: Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

Sacred SpaceModern life can get so busy and stressful that it could sometimes overwhelm people. When it becomes too much, stepping back to self-reflect, meditate, or pray could help keep your calm and peaceful. You can't just do it anywhere, however. You need to set aside a space just for the activity.

One of the ideal places to pause and unplug is a space that is free from distractions and nurtures an aid of comfort and solitude. If you have an extra room in your home, consider turning it into a sacred space for your private reflection. From clearing it to adding spiritual décor pieces like those that Karma and Luck has expertly crafted, here are some tips to get you started.

Clear and Clean the Space

To start with a clean slate, remove all clutter in your intended sacred space. You can also clear out stagnant energies by burning off a sage wand or opening the windows to let fresh air in. Furthermore, clean the area regularly; apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls, if needed.

Add Comfortable Seating

You need to be comfortable when meditating in your private space, so choose a seating arrangement that works for you. It can be fluffy floor cushions, a shabby-chic and plush recliner, or just a simple rug with your favorite design on it — you're ultimately in charge of how you decorate.

Include Calming Sounds and Smells

To help your mind and body relax, incorporate items that promote calming sounds and smells. It can be some wind chimes, a player with instrumental music, or a small water fountain. Scented candles, freshly cut lavender or an air humidifier with your preferred scent can also help you reach a calm state.

Incorporate a Few Personal Items

Personalize your space by adding some of your favorite items like books, records, photographs, and more. You can also include your favorite quotes on the wall to make your sacred space a truly personal area.

While it’s up to you what to put and incorporate into your sacred space, it should maintain a quiet and solemn mood for it to achieve its purpose.