The Pomsky Dog Breed and Its Many Qualities

A PuppyThose who look to have a new pet should consider a Pomsky dog for sale or adoption from Rocky Ridge Pomskies, as this relatively new breed bears a nickname: “designer dog breed.”

Pomsky puppies are the result of a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. Although it requires a certain level of maintenance, owners are rewarded with this cross-breed’s good nature and playfulness.

Puppy Love

If you live in an apartment or a small home, a Pomsky can be a great addition to the family because of its small size. It only weighs between 15 pounds and 25 pounds. Its playfulness and good temperament are a perfect fit with children. Their colors usually consist of white, black and gray, which bear some resemblance to their Husky parent.

However, owners need to consider that this characteristic requires regular playtime. Otherwise, you will likely see torn shoes or other things since a bored Pomsky will tend to chew objects. Owners should also groom a Pomsky at least once a week due to their soft and long coats. In case you have a garden, you will need to train them not to dig because these dogs have an innate tendency for that.

First-Time Owners

Since this is a new breed, there is a limited amount of information for health complications. First-time owners, in particular, may need to take them regularly to a veterinarian for potential issues. Even if you end up not having a Pomsky, a new dog requires your constant attention.

For this reason, think carefully if your work or other personal duties will prevent you from spending time with a new companion.

Whether or not you plan to get a Pomsky, there are several important things to consider for having a new dog. Be sure that your preferred breed aligns with your lifestyle and budget.